Area Information

Local Area

Orosi: Just a 10 minute walk from the camp is the town of Orosi.   There are several grocery stores, a small department store, two public swimming pools with hot springs, several bakeries, and a few restaurants –  Luz de la Luna Pizzeria (pizza); Hotel Media Tapanti (Italian); Restaurant Coto (Tico); and Soda de Luz (Tico).


Tapanti National Rainforest: A 25 minute drive from the camp is the Tapanti National Park. Part of a rainforest, this is a park where you can enjoy wildlife, bird watching, trail hiking, exploring, and swimming in the river.  There are areas with picnic tables and BBQ grills. Admission is $10 for international visitors (prices subject to change without notice).


Finca Cristina (Coffee Farm): ( 
Just 20 minutes from the camp on the road to Turrialba is Finca Cristina, an organic coffee farm. The owners have been farming in Costa Rica since 1977, and by appointment you can take a 2-hour tour of their microbeneficio (miniprocessing plant). It is a fantastic introduction to the processes of organic-coffee growing, harvesting and roasting. Admission cost is $15.
Scenic Outlooks:  There are two scenic outlooks, or miradors, in the valley.  One is located just after leaving Paraiso as you head to Orosi, while the other is located leaving Paraiso, but headed to Cachi.  Both are free, with hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 
Carpenteria Zip Line:  About a 45 minute drive from the camp is a local zip line with about 12 platforms, and is located in Tres Rios.  They also serve dinners! 


Historical Sites

Orosi Catholic Church: Within a 15 minute walk from the camp is the oldest operating Catholic church in Costa Rica, built in 1735. Made from adobe nearly 300 years ago, the church is also a religious art museum with paintings, silver, furniture and other artifacts.


Ujarras Ruins: A 10 minute drive from the camp just past the town of Cachi is Ujarras. 
There is a lovely large playground area for children and shaded areas with picnic tables for a relaxing lunch. The area is open to the public and admission is free. The area is centered around the ruins of an old Spanish church structure.

Virgin of the Angels Basilica:  Just a 20 minute drive from camp is Costa Rica’s old capitol city Cartago. Cartago is home to the most famous cathedral in the country, The Virgin of the Angels Basilica.


Places of Worship

One local evangelical Christian church in Orosi that we invite the pastor to preach during mission team trips:


Comunidad de Gracia (Grace Community) is located in Orosi – about a 15 minute walk from the camp. The lead pastor, Randy Seiver has been living in Costa Rica for many years with his wife Vickie.  There is a service in English lead by Pastor Randy at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  There also a Spanish service at 10:30 a.m.


Ministry Opportunities

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of opportunities for ministry all around the country. In the neighborhood of El Jardin Sagrado, evangelism and discipleship is a vital need. God keeps providing opportunities for this to happen. People are hearing about God and accepting his free gift of salvation. They are then being discipled here at the camp as well as in some of the homes of the neighbors. The facility is also being utilized as a place for teaching and training pastors and leaders. They are taught God’s word and how to apply it to life. God’s word needs to be the foundation in everything and it is exciting to see the transforming power of God in the lives of those here in Costa Rica. El Jardin Sagrado has become a safe haven for some and for others it is a place to be cared for. On a fairly regular basis, people will come seeking help with food, advice, medical help, etc. The neighbors enjoy the interactions with camp activities and groups and look forward to groups coming from North America. These groups often bring a fresh vitality and glimpse into the ways of North America. The Costa Ricans enjoy hearing about our countries, both the US and Canada as well as trying to figure out our English (and to chuckle at the attempts at Spanish).We also show His love for them throughout our daily lives that we live alongside them; sharing joys, sorrows, concerns and victories as we try our best to live holy and Godly lives. These interactions are always an opportunity to share with them the love of God.