Mission Trip Information

If you are interested in participating or even leading a short-term mission trip, are looking for an internship, or teaching or training pastors here, please let us know!  The camp is an excellent place from which to base your mission trip. 
Ideas for mission trips could include, but are  not limited to:  Medical clinics; dental clinics; water purification installation; children’s ministries including VBS-type activities; partner with local churches to conduct programs; evangelism, etc!  These mission trips all have one goal in mind:  to share the Good News, leading people to Christ so that they can not only have eternal life, but to enjoy a righteous life here as well.
Things to consider for your mission trip:
Passport – current and will not expire 6 months prior to your entry to Costa Rica.  Bring a paper copy.
Immunizations – Tetanus, in addition to any recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control
Diet Restrictions – Be sure to inform the camp staff before your arrival so we can plan accordingly
Medicines – Ensure you have your prescriptions
Language – Brush up on your Spanish.  Become familiar with medical terms and questions for those of you working in clinics
Packing – modest swimsuit, bug spray with DEET, no expensive jewelry, umbrella, water bottle
Currency – Official denomination is the Colon.  You can exchange US dollars for colones at several larger banks, such as Wells Fargo for a small fee, before your trip.
Climate – Rainy season with cooler temps April – December.  Low night time temps of about 55F, and day time highs can be 80 – 90F in the dry season
Camp furnishes – Mattresses and pillows with linen; bath towels and wash cloths; hot water for showers; clean drinking water
WIFI – Yes, but it’s not an unlimited bandwidth!
Elevation – About 3,300′
Exit Fees – included in your ticket, unless you’re traveling on Spirit
Time Zone – Central America (North American DST, same as Mountain Time Zone)